Fingerprint Recognition Technology in Gun Safes

Since a very long time ago people have been preoccupied with keeping their personal belongings secure, no matter what they possessed. This thing has not changed very much over the ages, and I am, as you are too, concerned with the safety of my personal objects. We have started using old fashioned safes, named vaults, ages ago, and just as the nature of the objects they stored, the safes changed their appearance and way of functioning during time. The first vaults were very large and heavy pieces of equipment whose only means of keeping the goods secure were extremely solid locks which could be opened by using keys. But over time, the keys have proved to be a poor way of keeping something safe, so the safes evolved to combination locks, which were operated by turning a safe wheel to match a predefined password. The next step were the modern electronic combination safes, which work on the same principle: you remember the password, a combination of numbers from 1 to 9, and introduce it using an electronic keyboard.

But technology is continuously improving, and so are the gadgets that keeping up with it too. The latest discovery when it comes to safes are the biometric quick access safes, which are based on fingerprint recognition technology. The way that these vaults operate are by recognizing the pre set fingerprint, which acts like a key for the safe opening. I was very happy to find out that this type of safes are available on the market, since I, like many of you too, am terrible at memorizing passwords or numbers. So, basically, you do not have to use other type of identification method but your finger: no keys and no combinations to remember. Some of you might argue that usually the safe is a place where you keep objects, like guns for instance to which more than one people need to have access to. But the guys that have invented the finger-powered vaults have thought of that aspect too: most of them are capable to recognize as many as 32 different fingerprints, which is more than enough because the point of storing the valuables into a safe is allowing only a few people access them.

Many weapon owners have purchased such safes because of their multiple advantages over the classical safes: the access to the weapon is very quick, because all you need to do is press the enter button and than scan your finger against the fingerprint reader and they are the safest vaults on the market, because no one but you can open it. There is no way you can fool the print scanner, or match the print by mistake, because everyone knows that each fingerprint is unique and it can not be copied. This provides a higher degree of security compared to the older types of safes, because passwords can be forgotten or “stolen” and keys can be lost. These safes are perfect for storing guns, because you would not want your kid to get near the weapons and they also meet all the regulations approved by the California Penal Code Section 12088. Although they give you access to a higher level of technology, people that have used them say that these things are really easy to use and the fingerprint can be recorded in no time following the instructions which come when purchasing such a safe. The safes come in lots of sizes, and can be used for storing many objects, not only fire arms: jewelry, documents or anything that you might consider valuable.

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